WOWHOW features a unique split-screen 'look and learn’ mode so you can copy exactly what your virtual MUA demonstrates, on your own face, in real time


We’re revolutionising the way women learn to apply make-up.

WOW HOW – The app that shows and teaches make-up styles based on your facial features.

Change your make-up habits and try something new!

What is WOW HOW?

WOW HOW is a handbag and home essential for all women. The app empowers you to make the most of your face shape and skin type by providing a step-by-step guide to creating looks tailored perfectly to you.

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WOW HOW is packed full of both fun and fantastically useful features. You can read more about each of them here:

  • 200 colour combinations

    WOW HOW gives you access to a world of opportunities when it comes to creating a new look and has colour combinations to suit every face and every occasion.

  • Easy to follow instructions

    WOW HOW breaks down each make-up look into simple, easy to follow steps that even the most inexperienced user can master

  • Your own virtual MUA, Gracie

    WOW HOW provides you with your very own virtual MUA to guide you through the makeover process, providing handy hints and tips along the way

  • Create your own 3D mannequin

    View your chosen look on a 3D mannequin built to mirror your own facial features and skin type so you can see exactly how to apply each item of make-up to best effect

  • Helpful tips and advice

    Get helpful hints, tips and advice on how to perfect your look, get the most out of your make-up and learn what works best for you and the look you want to achieve

  • Buy the products you use

    Create your shopping wish-list as you go, select your budget, browse products from all the leading beauty brands and buy from stores you trust

Very easy to use

The WOW HOW app is so easy to set up and use, even the most inexperienced of make-up user can feel empowered to try something different and create your perfect look.

Look good and feel great

WOW HOW helps you move away from your tried and tested looks, experiment with new colours and techniques and have the confidence to really push the boundaries when it comes to creating your unique look and making the most of your features.


WOW HOW has unlimited potential when it comes to its uses. We’d love to speak with beauty brands, retailers, corporate clients and educators about how our app could be tailored to suit your needs

Read more about how we might be able to create a customised app to suit your needs.

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Expert Make-Up Advice

We’re delighted to welcome three amazing, professional make-up artists to our team as part of our advisory panel. We wanted to add even more expertise and knowledge to the Wow How app.

Welcome to Hayley Sparkes, Dani Guinsberg and Tracy May-Harriott.

Make the best of your features

WOW HOW can help you move away from your tried and tested look. Experiment with new colours and techniques.

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