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8th Mar 2018

Gaynor Matthews is the founder of the Wow How app. She’s used her extensive business and investment experience to develop the app which is designed to empower users and boost confidence.

She came up with the idea for the app after talking to a beautician about how to grow her business. Research, both informal through friends, and more formal market research showed a clear need for the app.

Gaynor explains: “Talking to women of various ages, we found that the world of makeup is frequently perplexing and daunting. When women learn about makeup it generally sets the path for the rest of their lives; it can be hard to learn something new, refine their skills or experiment. The desire is often there, but the confidence to support it may not be.”

With her own desire to learn more about make-up and how to apply it effectively along with her knowledge and skills as a small business guru and investor in tech, Gaynor had the vision for the Wow How app. Many months of hard work later, the app has launched and an enhanced version is already in development.

The Wow How app allows users to ‘try on’ looks with over 200 colour combinations. WOW HOW® helps each user to understand the uniqueness of their own face and how to best apply make-up based on that individuality.

The technical development was done by Totem Learning a Serious Games (Game Based Learning, Gamification) and Immersive Simulation Development business based in the Midlands. Totem carried out the initial R&D, design and development of WOW HOW®.
Helen Routledge their CEO is one of the most sought after serious games designers globally. Known for creating award-winning, effective and engaging gamified solutions with proven ROI. Paul Jennings, Creative Director has over 20 years’ experience of developing and designing licensed games, serious games and software and creating new intellectual properties on entertainment platforms ranging from Megadrive to mobile.

The original concept of the Wow How app was to develop it by women for women, but increasingly the team have noticed a growing trend of male users and are adapting the app accordingly.

Gaynor added: “It’s been an amazing journey to launch the app and get to where we are today. But there’s so much more we can do, technological developments mean we can further improve the app, and our feedback has shown that the market for the app is so much wider than we first thought. Look out for more news and developments as 2018 goes on.”

The development team are hard at work on improving the existing app, adding new functionality and making it even easier to use

Gaynor’s shared her top tips on launching a successful app with the Talented Ladies Club. You can read them here.

If you haven’t tried the app yet, why not download it.

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