The Story Behind WOW HOW

26th Jul 2019

Gaynor Matthews, the founder of WOW HOW talks about why she created the beauty app and what inspired her.


The story behind WOW HOW – my lightbulb moment!

I’d reached a milestone age (the big 5-0) and realised I’d not changed my makeup style in over 30 years. I’d been using the same style in the day as well as the evening, with no difference for occasions either – the same style I’d learnt from magazines in my teens and not moved on from. My skin & features were now different and yet I was doing the same technique day in day out – and I realised I needed to overhaul my make up style as well as the products and techniques I was using.


I did some research and spoke to a Make up Artist who confirmed her clients were always asking about how to apply makeup and booking one-to-one lessons. Which got me thinking – and I saw a need in the market for a “Look & Learn” app. I’d checked out other apps that were available but they weren’t teaching me anything and were only interested in selling/promoting products and were very trend led, targeted at a young market of make up users.


The key problem I personally felt was that I didn’t know what colours were best for my skin tone or how to apply the makeup correctly to make the most of my features. At an age when my face tone and shape had changed, I was in need of something that would teach me how to make the best of it and give me more confidence.

I also wanted to give something back to the user, a professional teaching tool created by experts so they can understand why and how to apply makeup correctly at their own pace and with total privacy.


I’d experienced lots of counter consultations and makeover visits over the years and I think the worst part was the embarrassment of everyone looking at you. I always felt so exposed. I’d be unsure of what the sales consultant was doing and whether it would actually suit me and it was always such a product led experience. I’d learn nothing because I couldn’t see what was being done, and then feel obliged to buy the products, mostly because although the consultations are usually free, the pressure to buy was overwhelming.


I wanted to change this. Make up shouldn’t be stressful or pressured. And learning to use it shouldn’t be something to be embarrassed about. So, I started working on WOW HOW. I wanted to offer users their own personal Make up Artist 24/7, for any occasion and personally on their phone or tablet 24/7. I wanted to create something that ensured the key teaching principles were tailored to each user based on their own skin tone, face shape and facial features. Which is why all methods, techniques and teaching sessions have been created by our team of experienced beauty enthusiasts and professionals, so our teaching brings a wealth of knowledge that you’ll not find elsewhere. Importantly I wanted WOW HOW to be accessible to everyone so it’s FREE!


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