WOW HOW has unlimited potential when it comes to its uses. We’d love to speak with beauty brands, retailers, corporate clients and educators about how our app could be tailored to suit your needs.

Beauty brands

Perhaps your customers would like the opportunity to try products before they buy or you’d like to introduce them to products they hadn’t considered previously. WOW HOW currently offers users the potential to buy any product available via the most popular outlets. Using the WOW HOW technology to demonstrate only your products could create a valuable selling tool and a fun addition to your beauty portfolio.


Maybe you’d like to offer your customers the opportunity to try products as they shop without the hassle of ruining the make-up they’re already wearing or without having the faff of taking the sample off before they leave the store. Harnessing the potential of the WOW HOW technology could potentially excite and enhance the shopping experience for your valued customers.


WOW HOW has the potential to support its corporate clients in enhancing their brand identities. Supporting your staff in ensuring they have the tools possible to present themselves in a way that upholds your brands values. Whether this be an airline or a company operating in hospitality or tourism, WOW HOW could form an essential part of your induction and training process.


WOW HOW is already a valuable teaching tool. It’s uses need not simply be encompassed by the general consumer. It’s potential uses within the education sector are vast. Students studying in beauty could practice, research and present using the WOW HOW app.

The tried and tested technology in our app could provide an exciting selling tool, demonstrate products to their best effect or act as a learning tool to help perfect corporate looks or to teach students the very best beauty techniques. The potential of the WOW HOW app is both exciting and potentially boundless.

For more information on how we might be able to create a customised app to suit your needs please either visit our contact page here.


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