Beauty in Lockdown

4th Jul 2020

A lot has changed in recent times, and life for many people living through the global pandemic has taken on…

Five Things A Great Beauty App Can Help You With

17th May 2020

The majority of us have tonnes of apps clogging up our home screens, but how many of them actually add…

Everything you need to know about contouring

1st Apr 2020

What is contouring? Contouring helps to define your facial features through highlighting and shading techniques, emphasising those ares you wish…

How To Find The Best Colours To Work With Your Complexion 

How To Find The Best Colours To Work With Your Complexion 

11th Mar 2020

Makeup is always about experimentation and enjoyment; there’s no right or wrong answer, no magic formula or absolute technique we…

What kind of wedding make-up would suit me?

24th Feb 2020

When you’re planing your wedding you want everything to be perfect. The venue, flowers, dress, guests, food, photographer and more…

Five signs your make-up needs a refresh

20th Jan 2020

How long have you had your current make-up for? How do you know if it’s time to change your make-up?…

Easy make-up tips for the Christmas party season

15th Nov 2019

Don’t feel daunted by Christmas party  make-up, experiment, have fun and look great with our top tips: 1. Experiment with…

Simple ways to improve your make-up looks in an instant!

22nd Oct 2019

1- First and foremost it is really important to invest in a set of quality make-up brushes- apparently over 80%…

Beauty Apps & The Over 40’s

3rd Sep 2019

There are plenty of beauty apps on the market but there is nothing like WOW HOW, and certainly no beauty…

The Story Behind WOW HOW

26th Jul 2019

Gaynor Matthews, the founder of WOW HOW talks about why she created the beauty app and what inspired her.  …

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