6th Aug 2022

Over the years eyebrow trends have continued to evolve. From super-thin brows, to thick and heavily drawn on, your brows shape your face, so it can be difficult to find the shape and style that suits you. With lockdown limiting our access to brow salons for our regular waxing, tinting and shaping treatments, the latest trend is fluffy brows. Natural brows with soft definition and 3D texture is an effortless look which is super easy to create, no matter what your brows are like. This look can be achieved in a few simple steps and here are a few of our recommended products to help you achieve the ultimate fluffy brows.


Brow Gel

This stage is one of the most important to achieving the perfect fluffy brow. By using a gel which matches the colour of your eyebrows, brush the product through the hairs. To create a really full and fluffy effect, stroke the hairs up towards the forward to lift them. Brow gel will provide a flexible hold whilst visibly thickening and grooming brows into shape. Use a brow gel alone for an everyday look, or with a brow pencil for a more defined eyebrow. 

The products we love to create this look include 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel £19

Glossier Boy Brow Gel £14

No7 Beautiful Brows Tinted Gel £12

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The key to creating a fluffy brow is to use a really thin eyebrow pencil. By mimicking hair-like strokes throughout the brow this can help to create a fuller shape, without being too harsh. The lighter you press with the pencil the more natural the strokes will seem and this will help to create the desired look. By drawing or extending hairs around the brow, this helps them to appear more full and fluffy. Focus on the top of the brow from the square front, up to the arch for the best effect. To create more definition outline the shape of the brow in addition to the hair-like strokes and brow gel. 

Our favourite products to create this look include

NYX Micro Brow Pencil £9

XX Revolution XXFine Micro Brow Pencil £7

Benefit Precisely My Brow Ultra-Fine £20.50



Using soap to create a fluffy brow has become a trend over the past few years and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere! By applying soap to the brows (using a spoolie brush) in an upwards motion this creates the fluffy and lifted look. You would use soap instead of a gel, both creating the same look with the soap providing a stronger hold and more rigid brow. Not just any soap can be used however, it is important to make sure the products contain glycerin to prevent any irritation to the skin.

Revolution Soap Styler £6

West Barn CO Soap Brows £12

Pink Honey Cosmetics Brow Glue £8.99

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As eyebrow trends so frequently change, it is important to use the right products to achieve the look! Not all eyebrow products can be used to create this look so we have recommended gel/soap and a thin pencil. Some style of products create a much more defined and carved out effect, including brow pomades and thick brow pencils, as well as techniques such as concealer around the brow. Try to avoid these products if creating a fluffy brow!

Make sure to let us know what your favourite brow products are and don’t forget to download the WowHow app to learn even more makeup tips and tricks!