Talking to women of various ages, we’ve found that the world of makeup is sometimes perplexing and daunting. When women learn about makeup it generally sets the path for the rest of their lives; it can be hard to learn something new, refine their skills or experiment. The desire is often there, but the confidence to support it may not be.

Women want to be able to access tips relevant to their desired look and personal features without having to admit they aren’t sure what they are doing, or without feeling under pressure to buy the makeup applied during makeup consultations.

Some of us have features that we would like to enhance, but don’t have the skills to do so; some of us feel frustrated with our daily routine, and get stuck in our ways; some of us are reluctant to change or divert from the same looks and products we’ve always relied on, even if we have a desire to. We all want to feel confident in ourselves, and makeup is a way to enhance this.

Wow How provides the tools to boost self-image, both in the short and long term.

Created by makeup experts for you, this must have on-the-go and home essential is a new and innovative way to learn makeup application. Empowering beauty enthusiasts (whether novice or expert) to move away from your tried and tested looks, the app allows you to try new colours and techniques in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


A personal experience, based on specific skin tone and facial features, ensures everything you learn is applicable and relevant. So much better than a YouTube tutorial, Wow How delivers tones and techniques that have been perfectly matched.

With 16 day, 28 evening and 18 bridal looks to choose from (as well as endless combinations of colouring and facial features,) there are hundreds of different combinations to choose from.

Watch and apply simultaneously with our unique split screen technology, allowing you to follow along and try without having to look away from the screen. This technology is available nowhere else.

Completely responsive, our avatar allows you to review their make up positioning as you go and take a closer look whenever you need. Our unique ‘Tilt and Turn’ function enables you to twist, turn and zoom in on areas to ensure you get to grips with the techniques being used.

On demand 24/7, you can learn at your own pace – continuing to refresh and refine your technique whenever you have the time to do so. Because our app is in your pocket, it’s as easy to follow along at home as it is in the office bathroom or during a weekend away.

Completely private, we don’t capture any personal data or images – so users can be safe in the knowledge that what they create is for their eyes only.