24th Aug 2022

Today’s beauty review comes from Izzie, a member of our marketing team here at WowHow. This review is discussing a product released by one of the newest beauty brands available to shop at Boots. Florence By Mills has been created by Hollywood star Milly Bobby Brown. The brand is named after her great-grandmother, who Brown has commented “embraced herself and did things that made her happy”. She claims her great-grandmother is the inspiration for the products and collection, encouraging girls to express themselves and not just follow boring beauty standards. The brand is now available online and in stores at Boots, with it’s range including both beauty and skincare. 

Overall: *** 3/5

Quality of the product: **** 4/5

Coverage: Sheer

Lasting finish: *** 3/5

Value for money: *** 3/5

Source: beauty

“When I saw the “like a light skin tint” hit the shelves I just knew I had to get my hands on it! For the summer I absolutely love a natural coverage makeup look for the day, so a skin tint sounded perfect. The product is definitely very sheer, so if you’re looking for some coverage then this is not going to be the product for you! I applied two pumps of this with my fingers across the face as directed on the tube and then used a damp beauty sponge just to ensure it was fully blended. After application my skin appeared more even in tone and texture, with my natural skin still visible through. I love being able to see freckles through my makeup so was definitely impressed with look it gave my skin. The product does however claim to be buildable, but when I started to apply a third pump in some more targeted areas, the finish began to appear a little cakey. Therefore, if trying to build the coverage I would try to just use a concealer. Despite this, the liquid solution did make my skin visibly smooth and flawless providing the perfect no makeup and natural look, and I received several compliments on how my skin looked which is definitely a good sign!

Throughout the day I did notice some slight wear to the overall finish and in some areas, the skin appeared slightly patchy despite applying translucent powder and setting spray after application. Normally I find by applying these two products my foundation/base lasts all day with no problem, so this product is better to wear for a morning/afternoon and not a long day out! Despite this, the skin tint did feel really hydrating on the skin and the natural, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients including jojoba oil and meadowfoam seed oil keep this tint super nourishing!

The shade selection is absolutely amazing with 23 shades available! I would definitely say this range has a better choice of colours than its competitors on the high-street, and even high end, but with a slightly higher price point, this product is definitely not a makeup bag must-have. I will definitely continue to use this to perfect the skin, but probably just for little trips out rather than day-long adventures!”