21st Sep 2022

When looking to the runway, at influencers and watching TV we all want to be able to re-create the latest makeup trends. It can often be disappointing, however, when it is revealed the products could pay my weekly rent and therefore, beauty dupes have become increasingly popular. To ensure that beauty products and trends are available to everyone, high-street brands have begun copying formulas, packaging and product ideas to inspire their own ranges. It easy to see why “dupes” have therefore become increasingly demanded, and YouTubers now often dedicate whole videos to revealing their favourite “dupes”. Let’s face it who doesn’t love a bargain!

Today’s blog post is exploring my favourite dupes that are on the market. Some of these are definitely well known, and without a doubt worth a try, whilst others are more of a personal find, which I must say I am very proud of! Whilst dupes are often attempting to recreate products, they can be considered dupes for a variety of reasons including because of the formula of the product, or in some cases, the colour of the product. No matter why they are similar, they are all a fraction of the price and definitely worth a try!


Since Tarte launched their shape tape concealer it has rapidly become a beauty icon. The concealer provides incredible full coverage, in a lightweight formula which can be applied under eyes and on blemishes without appearing cakey. The formula is easy to work with, blending out quickly with a damp beauty sponge or a brush! The concealer comes with a jumbo speed applicator allowing for accurate but full coverage of the desired areas and I must admit this type of applicator really is my favourite! It covers all traces of my dark circles, which automatically elevates this concealer to hero status in my eyes, so it’s definitely in my top three concealers ever! I have found it incredibly brightening and it really does create a smooth and flawless finish after it has been applied, and I have even received compliments on how big my eyes appear. It is no surprise to read the ingredients contain shea and mango butter, as my dehydrated under eyes absolutely adore this concealer, looking and feeling nourished. My only critique is that whilst Tarte claim that this concealer is 12-hour crease-proof, I find it does crease around my eyes. Unless I set this concealer with a translucent powder, I find the product appears creased relatively quickly. Once the translucent powder has been applied, then it is set in place all day and does not budge, but if you apply the product, make sure to have your powder at the ready!

I really do love this concealer and will without a doubt continue to purchase it time and time again but just in case you aren’t already ordering it as we speak, the formula is vegan, water-proof and non-comedogenic! Tarte really has created the most incredible concealer and it has rightly earnt its place on the cult beauty products stage, available for £24 at This is a staple in my collection and I was convinced nothing else would ever compare, but then I discovered the Elf hydrating camo concealer.

Whilst it may appear that I cannot recommend the Tarte shape tape concealer enough, £24 for a concealer is an incredibly high price-point. The average high-street concealer ranges between £4-12.99, so at almost double the price, for the majority of consumers this is a steep and luxury purchase. When looking for a drug-store equivalent, I was instantly drawn to the Elf 16-hour hydrating camo concealer. It is presented in almost identical packaging and provides customers with almost identical claims to that of its premium competitor. As a full coverage concealer in a lightweight and long-wearing formula, it dries matte without settling into fine lines! With a somewhat similar-sounding product description, the colour range does not disappoint, with an impressive 20 shades available! Surprisingly, I found myself continuously reaching for the Elf concealer, more so than the Tarte shape tape. When I considered why, it comes down to one factor, price. For just £5, the Elf camo concealer is virtually identical in formula and packaging so for almost £20 less, I can achieve an identical look. In addition, whilst the Tarte concealer comes with an amazing shade range, it is only available to purchase online and therefore selecting the correct shade from a range of photographed swatches is relatively difficult, meanwhile, you can carefully select your correct Elf shade in store. Therefore, whilst I really do love the Tarte shape tape, I will continue to repurchase and use the Elf hydrating camo concealer more regularly than that of its premium competitor.


The Too Faced better than sex mascara has been a staple in beauty gurus makeup collection for many years. As the no.1 selling mascara in America, the formula is able to lengthen, curl and thicken lashes in just one coat. The unique hourglass-shaped wand is able to target lashes right from the lash band, from the inner corner across to the outer lashes. It really is a holy grail and lashes appear instantly lifted after application. With a collage infused formula, lashes are nourished throughout wear and provide extra holding strength. My only critique is that after long wear, I can find some black flaking from the product around my eye area. I often don’t find this an issue with mascaras, and over time I have found the product quite dry and therefore whilst I really love the effect it gives my lashes after the initial application, throughout the day as the formula is worn it flakes and the lashes gradually drop their hold. Whilst this isn’t the case with a “fresh” tube, I do find after a month or so it becomes an issue and therefore I began the hunt for a similar wand that was more long-lasting.

When I initially came across the No7 full 360 ultra mascara, the first thing which struck me was the wands similarity to the better than sex shape. The brushes are an identical hourglass shape and I knew I had to give it a try. After the initial application, it had created a false lash and panoramic effect, identical to that of the Too Faced cult favourite. The hourglass shape is perfect for all eye shapes and the No7 brush did not disappoint providing length, curl and volume! Also similar to that of the luxury equivalent, the No7 full 360 ultra formula is enriched with shea butter and vitamin E, allowing the cosmetic product to nourish and condition lashes throughout wear. After performing a little “wear test” to compare it to the Top Faced favourite, I haven’t found the formula to be as dry or flakey, making it my favourite and go-to mascara. Whilst this mascara is also at a slightly higher price point than some others in the drug store, I am an absolute convert and it will take something really special to take this off my mascara “top spot”. For £7 less than Too Faced’s iconic mascara, and with an addition 2ml of product, the No7 full 360 ultra is definitely my ride or die mascara and worth every penny.


The Anastasia modern renaissance palette is without a doubt one of the most iconic eyeshadow palettes in the beauty industry. It features 14 full-pigment shades in a gorgeous velvet palette, providing a luxury and quality finish. The palette is inspired by the resins and paints of Renaissance art and can create a huge variety of incredible looks. The colours range from neutral to berry-red hues in both matte and metallic finishes, allowing users to create both everyday natural and dramatic looks. If you have one eyeshadow palette in your collection, I would highly recommend you make it this one! Whilst I have always been a fan of Anastasia’s eyeshadows, this palette is just something else and no matter what other products become available, I will continue to repurchase this time and time again. I have never had or come across eyeshadows which are so pigmented and easy to blend. They have the most buttery and beautiful formula, which in my opinion has yet to be beaten by competitors. Whilst the palette is available for £43, I really do believe it is worth every penny. It suits all skin tones and is just a ride or die in my opinion.

Whilst I do not think that the modern renaissance palette has any competition, it is a luxury product. Therefore, for those who are looking to recreate the beautiful pink and berry tones, in a high-street palette, the Wet n’ Wild rose in the air palette provides incredibly similar shades. The formula of the shadows is creamy and easy to blend, with shadows having a high colour pay off. Shadows are not quite as buttery and premium quality as the Anastasia icon, but for under £6, this palette is an absolute must-have and is a great dupe. The 10 pan palette is able to create a range of looks with its combination of sultry and shimmery shades. Whilst I still do prefer the modern renaissance palette, this palette is a close second. It is the perfect size to travel with and the perfect price!



After applying your makeup, you want to make sure it lasts all day! Mac created the fix plus setting spray as a lightweight water spray to soothe and refresh skin, whilst improving the wear of makeup. They claim it is the “holy grail” of hydrating mists and I am sure that numerous beauty gurus and influencers would agree, but I really don’t agree! When I was at school I religiously applied fix plus as a result of the raving reviews, and it did hydrate my skin and slightly improve the wear of my makeup. When I began using similar products in the market however I realised how little it was actually doing! I would consider this a hydrating mist and not a setting spray and therefore for £22, extremely overpriced. In addition, the spray on this product can release product unevenly leaving large droplets across the face. When reaching the end of the bottle the spray becomes increasingly inefficient and I often have ended up throwing away the bottle with a decent amount of product remaining.

As a student on a budget, I began testing out the drugstore setting sprays and quickly fell in love with the Revolution base fix setting spray. Revolution has a range of setting sprays including a hyaluronic acid fix and matte fix spray, but the base fix is by far my favourite. The formula is the perfect fine mist which sets and melts makeup, to create a flawless and skin-like finish which I just love. The spray and nozzle gentle diffuses the liquid product across the face, avoiding heavy droplets like that of MAC fix plus. After numerous wear tests of this makeup it is able to survive incredibly long days, heat, nights out and now, the latest challenge of protective face masks. There is nothing that can limit the protection this spray provides your makeup with and for that reason I haven’t bought a single other setting spray since I began purchasing this over two years. Revolution have absolutely perfected the formula of this product and it is far better than the supposedly “cult” favourite Mac fix plus. In case I have’t tempted you already, it is cruelty free, vegan and only £5.99! I promise you no matter when you apply this, your makeup will not budge.



Nars is without a doubt a cult classic and their orgasm lip gloss is no exception. The iconic peachy shade looks incredible on all skin tones with the stunning gold reflex, allowing this gloss to really pop. The formula of Nars lipglosses is long lasting and buttery, cleverly avoided feeling sticky on the lips. Whilst wearing a lipliner only improves the wear of the product, for this cult gloss it actually does not need one which only increases my love of the product. Applying this just to the centre of the lips on top of a lipliner or matte lipstick creates a full and voluminous effect like no other.

Whilst I absolutely adore the Nars orgasm lip gloss, at £19 it is a luxury product in my collection. For those looking to recreate the finish of the cult gloss at a high-street price, the Elf champagne glam lip gloss creates an incredibly similar effect. With a peachy tone and gold reflex, this product is almost identical. It is comfortable on the lips and also manages to avoid feeling sticky or tacky which I love in my lip products. My only critique of this product would be that it is not as long-lasting as its high-end competition, but despite this, for £6 it is a great dupe which I will continue to repurchase.

There you have it, a selection of my favourite beauty dupes. Don’t forget to let me know what your best makeup and skincare products dupes are, or if you try and of these, make sure to let us know how you get on.

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