Five signs your make-up needs a refresh

20th Jan 2020

How long have you had your current make-up for? How do you know if it’s time to change your make-up?

If your mascara is clumpy and your foundation is clogged up then it’s pretty clear that it’s time for some new make-up but how often should you change your products?

There’s some good health reasons to regularly update your make up bag, and if you do need to buy new products why not try something different? If you aren’t confident experimenting with alternative colours and looks, the Wow How app can show you how they’ll look and teach you how to apply them to best suit your features.

So what do you need to think about?

1. Are your make-up products are out of date

Look for this symbol on your make-up –

it tells you how long you can use the product for once it has been opened.  Not all products have it so try to keep track of when you buy and start using different items.  Mascara is the most important product to replace regularly to avoid the risk of getting an eye infection – ideally every three months. Generally liquids and creams will last for 12 months. Eye pencils last longer than liquid eye-liners because they are always being sharpened. Powders will last longest, but make sure you wash your brushes regularly.

2. How do your brushes look?

If your make-up brushes have lost their shape it makes it harder to apply your make-up accurately.  Another sign they need replacing is that they are shedding lots of bristles.  Now could be the time to put a set on your Christmas list!

3. Are the colours right for the season?

If you bought foundation or tinted moisturiser after a holiday in the sun, check it’s still the right shade.

If you are planning your outfits and make-up for the Christmas party season you might want to experiment with some brighter or darker shades.  When the central heating gets turned up and its cold outside choose moisturising foundations and lipsticks.

Planning an energetic January as part of your New Year Resolutions? You might want to think about a light tinted moisturiser or sports-friendly make-up.

4. Change in circumstances

If you’ve recently had a baby then you might not have the time or energy to apply your full make-up look; go for a good tinted moisturiser and lipgloss for a quick boost in the mornings.  When you return to work or start a new job, a new outfit helps you to feel more confident. It’s the same with make-up, a natural look that you feel comfortable with can help to hide those first day nerves

5. You can’t remember the last time you changed your make-up

It is really easy to get into a habit of always buying the same make-up and using the same colours. We know many women find beauty counters intimidating and aren’t sure how to choose new colours.  But if you’ve changed your hair colour, grown out of your current look, or are ready for a change it is worth experimenting. We designed the Wow How app to allow you to do just this from the comfort of home.  Simply set up your mannequin and we’ll show you different looks on your features.

Remember, as you go through the Wow How tutorials for each look, we’ll let you know what products you need, and if you are missing any, or you think they need updating you can shop from within the app, buying direct from all of your favourite brands.

So if you’re ready for a change download the Wow How app today.



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