What kind of wedding make-up would suit me?

24th Feb 2020

When you’re planing your wedding you want everything to be perfect. The venue, flowers, dress, guests, food, photographer and more are all a personal choice and special to you. Wedding make-up is no different, it should be your choice of style but also something that suits you and enhances your features.

The Wow How app is perfect for this, we can show and teach you wedding make-up styles based on your facial features and skin tone.  The app is designed to help you to enhance your natural beauty.  A bride with protruding eyes or a square face could easily apply blusher in the wrong place and without realising it, intensify those features.

Once you’ve downloaded Wow How you an create a personalised 3D mannequin, using the guides  to work out your face shape, eye and eyebrow shape and more. You’ll then be able to access 18 different bridal looks and see how they will look on your face. Best of all, after you’ve chosen a look you like you can access the tutorial from our virtual make-up artist Gracie, giving you detailed instruction of how to apply the style. Thanks to the split-screen mirror you can view and copy the movements at the same time, it’s so easy!. You can access and practice the tutorial as many times as you like, so on the big day you’ll be applying your make-up with confidence.

The whole bridal party could use the app too.  In total there are over 200 colour combinations to suit many different facial features and skin tones.  There’s no need to pay hundreds of pounds and feel pressured into buying expensive make up from in-store makeovers. Gracie’s tips and tutorials allow you to be reassured that your bridesmaids will look good on camera too.

Wedding make-up tips

  • Practise before your big day
  • Use a make-up fixing spray when you have completed your make-up. They come in different formulas and will help keep your makeup stay in place.
  • You can apply facial primer before your foundation, this helps smooth the surface of your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and large pores.
  • A good essential on hot days is always “blotting paper”. It helps get rid of any excess oil without you having to pile on more makeup.

We hope you have a wedding day to remember, looking your absolute best.

(Wedding image source: https://www.hitched.co.uk/wedding-picture/wedding-day-beauty-21322.htm)

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