24th Jul 2020

It can sometimes seem like a new eyeshadow palette is launched every week, and when you don’t quite know which colours are going to suit you, the choice can feel overwhelming. By choosing the right colours however, this can really help to make your eyes twinkle! Applying the perfect shades opens and lifts the eye, thus reducing the appearance of any lid hooding or darkness.

The WowHow app has an amazing feature, whereby you can try on a range of gorgeous shades all from the comfort of your own home and try before you buy. WowHow is able to teach you a variety of techniques in a step by step tutorial at your own pace, ensuring you are able to learn some tips and tricks to create that perfect eye look!

Here is a little guide to help you get a real feel for the type of shades that will compliment your eyes and allow them to brighten up your makeup. This is by no means a limit, but a great base to begin building your colour palette and confidence.



Orange, peach, brown, gold and bronze.

Blue is generally a cool tone, and therefore the best way to enhance this is to look for warm and earthy tones. On opposite sides of the colour wheel, these shades will help to bring out the beautiful blue and provide the perfect backdrop for your eyes.

Great palettes to try include the Urban Decay Naked 2 (£43) and the Morphe 35O (£24).


Purple, pastel pink, wine red, rose gold, charcoal grey.

Green eyes are often naturally bright and therefore soft colours are really effective at complementing this.

Beautiful palettes to try include the Violet Voss Holy Grail (£43) and the Wet n Wild Au Naturel, Nude Awakening (£5.99).



Cool blue, purple/plum, green, nude, silver.

Brown eyes are able to play with a really wide range of tones so the best place to start is a cool tone to balance out the warmth of a brown eye. To really lift the eye, metallic silver is a perfect match!

Stunning palettes to try include the Physicians Formula Sultry Nights (£15.99) and the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Vol 1 (£39).



Warm brown, gold, green and purple.

Such a beautiful and unique eye colour deserve to be complemented with gorgeous colours. Dark shadows can often overpower a hazel eye, so rich colours are perfect for making the lid pop. Lots of colour makes a hazel eye really striking!

Perfect palettes to try include the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom (£39.99) and the Zoeva Cocoa Blend (£21).



Remember … in makeup, there are no rules, so don’t be afraid to play around with a range of colours and tones to find your perfect match.

Make sure to download our app for FREE on the App Store or Google Play so you can give these colours a go for yourself. We cannot wait to see which colours you discover and fall in love with!


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