31st Jul 2020

Finding the perfect foundation can be a real struggle but finding the best tools and brushes can sometimes seem like a minefield! A huge number of women even use their fingers for the application of their foundation, due to fear that using a brush will make their makeup appear cakey and heavy. What many people don’t know however is that using your fingers can actually have a negative effect on your skin! Using your fingers directly transfers bacteria on to your face, increasing the likelihood of spots and blemishes appearing. Furthermore, our fingertips are oily and when this oil comes into contact with the foundation it can, in fact, change the colour of the product, often appearing darker.

It, therefore, is important to use a brush/tool for foundation application, but with so many different types it can be difficult to know which will give you the finish you are looking for. Different brushes will provide different finishes so here is a little guide to help you find your perfect brush!


  1. Full-bodied /densely packed brush



Densely packed bristles are perfect for buffing in cream and liquid foundations to the skin. These brushes are able to pack product onto the skin, so are therefore able to achieve a full coverage look. Bristles in full-bodied brushes are often dense and firm which when used in circular motions achieves a streak-free flawless look! Full-bodied brushes often have a large head and surface area, which means product application with these brushes is quick and easy.

These brushes are great for those with an oily skin type. They allow you to press the product onto the skin, before blending thus ensuring the formula is not diluted with the oils on the skin. They are therefore able to achieve a full coverage look without soaking up the pigment.


Our favourites include:

Fenty Beauty full-bodied foundation brush £26

Real Techniques expert face brush £9.99


  1. Flat, paint-brush



The shape and style of this foundation brush has been around for a long time and like it states in the name, allows the user to “paint” their face. This means any level of coverage can be achieved simply by applying more or less product and painting it on. The brush head is often smaller than other types of foundation brush, and therefore allows a more precise application. The product can be applied lightly all over the face and then focused in the desired areas for fuller coverage. This type of brush can be a little harder to use, leaving some streaks so make sure to spend a bit of extra time on your foundation to really work the product into your skin.

This type of brush will suit all skin types, but is particularly great for combination or blemish-prone skin. They enable a variety of coverage across the face, providing a natural look with more full coverage in specific areas e.g. spots/scarring.


Our favourites include:

MAC 190 foundation brush £28

Spectrum MA20 luxe flat brush £9.99


  1. Dual fibre brush



Dual fibre brushes (also known as stippling brushes) often have bristles which are both black and white in colour. This is because the black bristles are denser, whilst the white is often softer, creating the perfect blending tool for a flawless and airbrush foundation finish. Dual-fibre brushes pick up less product than other brushes so therefore application of the product with these brushes is done in layers. This allows you to begin with light coverage and build to the desired finish. The bristles are flexible and therefore great for blending, buffing and stippling to achieve a natural and sheer coverage.

Dual-fibre brushes are suitable for all skin types and can be used not only for foundation but also power, bronzer and blusher; they are a great multi-purpose brush to swirl product across the face for a natural and super blended finish!


Our favourites include:

Lancôme dual-ended foundation and corrector brush £35

NYX pro-dual fibre foundation brush £16


  1. Sponge



Beauty sponges are one of the most popular beauty tools and have taken the beauty world by storm over the last few years. The little egg-shaped applicator is able to deliver a full coverage look, whilst still looking natural on the skin. They are able to diffuse foundation and product, blending for a flawless finish. The elliptical shape makes them almost foolproof, allowing the user to blend to the natural contours of the face. When the sponge is wet, it almost doubles in size and is able to achieve a flawless look with no brush strokes simplifying your makeup routine! Sponges are great for a beginner, so if you don’t feel too confident with a brush, try and start with a sponge. If in doubt, blend it out!

Sponges work really well for people who have a drier complexion or sensitive skin. They do not drag or irritate the skin and instead blend on top of the surface.


Our favourites include:

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge £5.99

No7 flawless finish blending sponge £7


Now that you know all about foundation brushes, make sure to use WowHow to learn some techniques and tricks for the perfect foundation application!

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