7th Aug 2020

Learning to do eyeshadow can be really tricky, especially if when you’re following a tutorial and you don’t have the same shape eyes as the guru you’re following. When eye-makeup is done a little wrong, it can weigh down your eyes, prematurely age you or just make you feel a little under-confident. By identifying your eye shape, you will, therefore, be able to implement some techniques and little tricks to enhance and accentuate them.

Here we have a little guide for you to work out your eye shape and what works particularly well for you. Of course, in makeup there are no restrictions so it doesn’t matter what your eye shape is, you can wear whatever style of shadow or liner you like but if you are feeling a little lost, here is a perfect starting point.

Best makeup for almond eyes

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Almond eyes are slightly oval in shape, with the outer corners ever so slightly upturned.  
It is easy to accentuate almond eyes because they can pull off pretty much any look! Doing a soft wing liner is one of the most complimentary looks. A thin and gentle application of liner on the top lash line will provide some extra dimension and shape, elongating the eyes for a more feline finish. The trick to this look is making sure that the line is not too thick, otherwise, this can give the effect of more closed eyes. Make sure to start thin in the inner corner, applying light pressure, thickening the line only in the outer third of the eye (and wing). When applying eyeshadow on almond eyes, try to work a deeper colour shadow into the outer corner of the eye and use a light/bright colour on the bottom lashes. This will help to create extra dimension and depth, so the eyes appear bigger.

Best makeup for round eyes

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Round eyes tend to be equal in width and height, which means there is a beautiful space on the lid to work with. It allows for some gorgeous eyeshadow looks, without appearing too dramatic and intense! To enhance the eye, apply a neutral shade all across the base of the lid, then blending a darker shade in the outer 1/3 of the eye towards the outer corner. Use a fluffy brush to ensure the shades are seamlessly blended. The eye can then be elongated with a wedged or smokey liner. Thickening the liner and smoking it out (run an eyeshadow brush just above the liner, using a contrasting colour e.g. deep purple/ grey/dark green) in the outer third of the eye will create the effect of a wider and more lifted eye area. Another great way to accentuate round eyes is with a halo eyeshadow look. This is where a base colour (preferably matte) is applied all over the lid, with a pop of colour or metallic tone sits directly in the middle. This can provide a little extra dimension and it is a really easy and quick look, which looks much more complex!

Best makeup for hooded eyes

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Hooded eyes often come with the misconception that eyeshadow doesn’t suit this type of eye, or that there isn’t enough space to create a dramatic eye. This is often because when the eyes are open, the colour on the lid can appear to have disappeared, where an extra fold of skin slightly covers your crease. Do not despair however, the key to perfecting eyeshadow on hooded eyes is priming and setting the lids. To do this you can use an eyeshadow primer or concealer; then apply a translucent powder over the top. This will help to prevent any smudging or transfer of product from the eyes. Try to find the natural crease (where the eye socket ends and meets the brow bone) and blend a shadow into this area. This will help to ensure product/colour doesn’t get lost. Blend the eye shadow in a straight motion rather than a more circular/wiper motion across your natural crease area. After blending your shadow (preferably a matte shadow) into the crease, use a flat brush to apply a different (preferably a shimmer or slighter shade) across the rest of the lid. This look is referred to as a cut crease and again, looks great but is really easy to achieve in just two quick steps.

Best makeup for monolid eyes

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Monolid eyes can be described as when the eyelid smoothly transitions into the brow bone, and this eye shape does not have a natural crease. With monolid eyes, it is key to prime the eyelids first using either an eyeshadow primer, or concealer and loose powder on top. When eyes have a natural crease this catches any eyeshadow pigment fallout, monolid eyes however require a sticky base to really grab onto the eyeshadows. Priming the lids will therefore ensure that when applying shadow it easily blends and can be packed onto the lid. To define monolid eyes, follow the shape of the eye and blend a matte and medium tone upwards and outwards until you can feel the roundness of the eyeball and socket; this is where a natural crease would be. Keep any dark tones close to the lash line to avoid the eye appearing darker and closed, whilst focusing any colour in the middle of the eye where it will be the most visible.

Best makeup for downturned eyes

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For those who have downturned eyes, the outer corner of the eyes turn down and therefore appear slightly lower than the inner corner of the eye. The trick to accentuating this eye type is therefore to create the illusion of a more lifted eye and there are a few ways this can be done. By applying a wash of a nude/light colour all across the lid and right up to the brows, this will provide an instant lift and a great base for any more colour. Then use a slightly darker colour in the crease, in windscreen wiper motions, buffing the shadow up towards the brow. For the ultimate lifted look, apply a winged liner. Draw a thin line above the lash line and then extend it at a 45-degree angle, in line with the tail of the eyebrow. The flick of your liner can be as long or short as you desire; the longer the line, the more lifted and feline the look and eyes appear. Gel or felt-tip liners are best to achieve this look, rather than a pencil (kohl) liner, to produce a darker and sharper line.

We hope that this little guide has enabled you to identify your eye shape and learn a few little tricks to enhance your eyes. Now you have these techniques, don’t forget to take a look at our previous blog post discussing the perfect colours for your eyes too!

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