2nd Sep 2020

Jaclyn Hill has been a YouTuber since 2011, after working for MAC Cosmetics for several years. Hill posts a range of hauls, tutorials and reviews to her six million subscribers on YouTube and 6.3 million followers on Instagram. She is often said to have been a pioneer within the influencer industry.

Jaclyn has collaborated with several huge brands including Becca Cosmetics and Morphe over the last decade, releasing numerous palettes and brush collections which often sell out within minutes. She has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Kim Kardashian-West.

In 2019, the beauty mogul decided to launch her own brand, which she named after herself. The first launch of products was met with controversy, however, the second drop later in the year was full of products which did not disappoint her fans.

Today’s review is discussing the loose highlighter powder, which were released as a part of her most recent collection. We know you will absolutely love this highlight powder, so make sure to let us know what you think!


Overall: **** 4.5/5

Quality of the product: ***** 5/5

Value for money: **** 4/5

“The Jaclyn Hill loose powder highlight is a product that every beauty enthusiastic needs in their collection. This powder is so finely milled that it creates the most gorgeous radiant glow to the skin. The product is so so lightweight that as soon as it hits the skin it blends and diffuses out like an absolute dream. I have applied this loose higlight powder directly onto the skin and on-top of foundation, both of which apply so beautifully and looks flawless. The glow lasts all day, without going patchy which is definitely hard to find in other loose powder highlights that are on the market. Something that I love about this product is that after application and all day where, I do not find chunks of glitter on the skin; although this may sound minor, a number of cheaper highlighters in stores leave the skin looking speckled with glitter. Instead, this highlight provides a stunning glow to the skin, looking dewy and fresh. I chose the colour amped which is a beautiful pearl, champagne pink shade, but there are actually five colours to choose from. These colours range from an ice-white to a deep bronze, so no matter what your skin tone there will be a perfect match for you! I would highly recommend this and whilst it is slightly more expensive than some other highlights that are on the market, it is definitely worth the money.”

The Jaclyn Cosmetics loose powder highlighter is available for $24 from or £19 from

We hope you love it as much as we do!


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