7th Sep 2020

I cannot tell you how excited I am for this next interview in my beauty in-depth series. I had a really lovely interview, with the absolutely gorgeous Ellie Tyrrell, a London influencer. I have had the pleasure of watching Ellie grow her platform over the last few years so know you will love her and her content just as much as I do. She is just the kindest soul and so I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect for this little series. With over 12,500 followers on Instagram, Ellie’s infectious energy radiates through your screen with her beauty, fashion and body confident posts.

I hope you love this interview as much as I do and make sure to follow her Instagram @ellierosetyrrell and her YouTube channel Ellie Tyrrell.

So girl, how have you found lockdown?

I actually found it really good and I managed to enjoy it! It gave me time to be more creative which is something that I don’t normally have the time to do. I was furloughed early on, so this meant I could focus my attention on my social pages and also on myself, which are two things that normally take a back seat. I was able to create loads of really great content for all of my channels and also spend time doing things like baking, reading, running and yoga which I just loved. It initially felt quite testing but fairly quickly I learnt to love my own company. I started to be really good to myself and spend time on myself which was so lovely, so overall I found the time really great. I haven’t really had time to myself like that before so it was different, but I learnt a lot and I think it is super important to do now and then! It was so lovely to be able to spend quality time with my sister too, so I found the whole period a really love break from my normal fast pace!

I definitely found that with more time I was able to step up my skincare routine which I really enjoyed. I posted an IGTV about my skincare routine, which is normally something that I only have time to do when my face needs a little extra love! Having more time has actually meant that I have been able to do it so much more frequently which has such a nice way to relax and spend time! I have done so many more facemasks too which feel like such a treat so hopefully as things go back to normal I can try to keep even a small amount of this in my normal routine!

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Have you always had an interest in cosmetics and skincare?

Yes. Oh my gosh yes!! I’m definitely not the next James Charles, but I have loved makeup and skincare for such a long time. My mum and dad have shopped in stores like Space N.K. for years, so even when I was younger I would love to just go in and look at everything and I think that definitely started my love! My very first YouTube, five years ago, was my everyday makeup routine and since then I have continued to upload tutorials and reviews across my socials. I’ve always done my friends makeup for nights out so its something that I really enjoy! I even worked part-time at Space N.K when I was at university and I loved working with the amazing skincare and aromatherapy brands that we stocked there. The discount on all the amazing premium brands was definitely a bonus!

Is being an influencer something you always wanted or was it just something which came about through your university course and love of beauty and fashion?

I guess I never specifically wanted to be an influencer because even a few years ago it wasn’t really a thing, or title that people had. I used to watch Zoella and Marcus Butler years ago, but they were YouTubers more than influencers so it’s something which has really emerged in recent years. I used to love drama at school and making videos for my YouTube, but could never have imagined it would have grown the way it has. I really do love it though and it’s such an amazing job; it really allows me to be creative and show off what I love whilst also doing my day job in PR and social. 

I started my social media page in 2015 and it was very personal, posting about myself and my friends. As my following grew, I started to post things about mental health because that was what was important to me at the time. At university I then started to show off more of what I loved on my page so shared my London life, fashion, and, beauty and skincare tips. 

I love social media I really do, but I can definitely find it difficult sometimes to deal with the negativity. The way I deal with that is just not listening to it. I think the more transparent and open I am, the better. I have such an amazing following who I have so much in common with, so I feel so lucky to have grown an amazing “community”. I connect with my followers over so many different things, whether that is IBS, body confidence, birth control, my skincare etc. so I absolutely love that my platform can bring that all together. I think the way to maintain a great social media feed is to follow those who you feel share what you value and represent you, so for me that is a positive stance and transparency. I love people who don’t touch up their photos and are their most authentic self, so following people like this makes social media so much more positive for me. 

You’re on a desert island and you can have one cosmetic and one skincare product, what do you choose?

Oh my gosh two, is that all I can have!! Okay, so skincare it would have to be the Malin and Goetz grapefruit cleanser. It’s just so so gentle, and leaves the skin feeling so soft so I would have to take that with me! For makeup, I think the Malin and Goetz mojito lip balm, for juicy lips that would be perfect. Ohhh actually, can I take one more?! For a proper cosmetic product, I would take the Hourglass ambient light powder highlight. If I’m on a desert island I would have a gorgeous tan so that highlight would pop on top and look gorgeous!

Okay so I probably couldn’t take just two, I think I would have to take all three!

WOW! What an absolute star! Ellie encompasses everything I love about social media and I hope this interview has highlighted just what a ray of sunshine she really is. Influencers have become some a huge aspect of cosmetic and skincare marketing and outreach in recent years, so I hope you have enjoyed this insight!

Don’t forget to follow Ellie’s instagram and subscribe to her YouTube, I promise you will love her as much as I do! 

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